Terms and Conditions

Prices contained in our proposals are valid for 30 days and are contingent upon supplier availability of the specified products at the time of your approval.  The scope of the project includes only what is written in this proposal.  All change orders must be approved by both parties in writing.

AVA’s installation work is guaranteed to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 10 years from the installation date.  Repairs required due to failure of installation materials or workmanship shall be free of charge for the above warranty period.

All AVA provided equipment is covered by the full manufacturer’s warranty, unless otherwise noted.  Please keep your AVA invoice as proof of purchase for manufacturer warranty validation.

All other services, including but not limited to equipment repair assistance (de-installation, shipping, and re-installation), equipment upgrades, programming modifications, repair or replacement of damaged items, and re-calibrations shall be billable at the then current rate for that service.

AVA does not manufacture or control the availability of the products specified.  Audio Video Manufacturer’s regularly update their product offerings. In an effort to provide you with the best possible merchandise and service, AVA may substitute the most up to date models available at the time of installation.  You will be notified of any changes that cause a loss of desired functionality or performance.  Any other changes to this proposal will be submitted in writing for approval.

AVA does not warrant damage to or malfunction of equipment or installation infrastructure occurring due to third parties  (including but not limited to home owners, contractors, other trades, etc.) or acts of nature (including but not limited to lightning, tornadoes, flooding, etc.).

Services NOT included:

  • High voltage electrical supply service design, addition, relocation, or modification
  • Security system design, installation, or modification
  • Structural or architectural engineering or construction
  • Utility service to location including, but not limited to cable, electrical, water, wastewater, telephone, and internet service
  • Any services requiring special state or local licensing
  • Other services that are not specifically listed in the proposal. (Ex. trenching, excavation, trash disposal, etc.)
  • Services indicated as “prewire” do not include termination of wires or wall plates.  Termination of wires and mounting of wall plates are included in the “trim” or “finish” phases of a project.

Any equipment to be used in the project that is not supplied by AVA may require additional programming and calibration time billable at the current rate.  Items provided by the customer or third parties are not warrantied by AVA to be functional or perform at a satisfactory level.

Cabinetry must be adequate to fit specified equipment and drawings must be submitted for AVA approval. Cabinets must provide adequate ventilation to dissipate the heat of electronic equipment. In some cases, fans may be needed for proper ventilation.


Equipment: Paid in advance

Note:  AVA recommends audio and video equipment be ordered at least 3 weeks prior to desired installation date and all other systems (ex. automation, furniture, acoustics, etc.) be ordered 6 – 8 weeks in advance.

Labor: Payable bi-weekly as completed with final balance due immediately upon completion of project

All merchandise sales are final unless AVA receives authorization from the distributor to return said merchandise.  Any merchandise to be returned must be in original unopened containers without any signs of potential damage.  All qualified merchandise returns are subject to a 25% return fee and must be requested within 30 days of item receipt.