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Multi-Room Audio – What Is It?

April 9, 2015 No Comments by Gwynn

Multi-room audio, also called distributed audio, is music that can be accessed and controlled at several locations throughout the home. Multi-room audio can be as simple as a second zone output found on contemporary surround sound receivers or as complex as 36+ independent audio zones with local and remote controls and even local sources in […]

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The Green Home – Where Technology Thrives

February 13, 2015 No Comments by Gwynn

As energy costs continue to rise and the power market struggles to keep up with the heightened consumer usage, the demand for more advanced energy management strategies is becoming more and more crucial. How much energy is being wasted in your home every day due to lights or even small appliances being left on? Heating […]

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Do You Need Home Automation?

August 7, 2014 No Comments by Gwynn

We think home automation is the bomb. BOOM baby… Seriously! But that doesn’t mean we just expect you to think like we do. That would be unrealistic. Instead, we’d like to take this opportunity to explain why we feel that way. So the next question is, “Why do you need home automation?” The answer to […]

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Luxe Interiors + Design and AV Automation invite you!

April 28, 2014 No Comments by Gwynn
Luxe_AVA event

     Join Luxe Interiors + Design and AV Automation for an exclusive look at the newest systems in home automation, audio and home theaters as we celebrate WHEN:                                                       […]

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Savant Smart Series Makes Automation More Affordable

February 27, 2014 No Comments by Gwynn

At CEDIA Expo 2013 Savant revealed their new automation system nicknamed “Big Boy Automation” that was scheduled to become available in Q1 of 2014. Yesterday, Savant announced that the “big Boy Automation” system, now known as the “Smart Series” is available to purchase. The Smart Series is a line of control and automation products designed […]

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What Makes Smart Lighting Smart?

January 23, 2014 No Comments by Gwynn

Alright, so the hype is all about automation and smart homes. We dig it. We LOVE it! However, the fact of the matter is, we can love it forever but that love doesn’t really mean much to our customers in terms of what automation can actually do for them. Knowledge is what they need and […]

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Home Theater Acoustics 101 – Taming Reflective Sounds

December 13, 2013 No Comments by Gwynn

Creating a great home theater is about far more than the size of your screen and speakers. If you’re serious about your home theater, you’ve probably spent a lot of time agonizing over what gear to buy. But what about the room itself? The fact is that the home theater system cannot be separated from […]

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Smart Power Strip – Appliance Control

November 27, 2013 No Comments by Gwynn

It’s a busy, busy morning (and evening in most cases) for approximately 75% – 80% of the population as we struggle to juggle breakfast, get the kids dressed, pack lunch, grab the research for that big meeting, top off the caffeine, and then get everyone out the door on time (okay… sometimes not quite on […]

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Thanksgiving Schedule

November 22, 2013 No Comments by Gwynn

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and customers! In observance of Thanksgiving, AV Automation will be closed Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th. We will return to our normal business hours on Monday, December 2nd. Thank you all and we hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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Apple’s Patent for Intelligent Home Automation

November 21, 2013 No Comments by Gwynn

AV Automation specializes in Home Automation and Home Theater. While we are fans of several different automation control systems, Savant is by far our favorite as it allows users ease of access with a simple to operate iPad or iPhone interface. We greatly enjoy Apple and the relationship we have established with Austin MacWorks, an […]

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