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Today’s homes are getting more and more advanced.  Although, the goal of these advancements is to make life easier, they often complicate things more than they help.  You can simplify running your home’s audio, video, security, and environmental control systems with a home automation system by AV Automation.  Whether your goal is fully automatic energy savings or just one button to press when its bedtime or when you leave, we can help.

Give us a call at 512-795-4242 so we can show you how much simpler life can be.  Come experience home automation from Savant, Lutron, GE, Performance Concepts, and more in a real world environment at our fully automated Demo Home.  Then we can design a home automation system specifically for your home and your needs.



AV Automation’s design, installation, and programming staff all maintain their expertise at the highest levels through continuing education.  Our primary areas of expertise  in home automation include the following:

  • Whole Home Automation – Savant | RTI
  • Lighting Automation – Lutron | Vantage
  • Motorized Window Treatments – Savant via Somfy | Performance Concepts
  • Multizone Entertainment – Savant | Audio Control | RTI
  • Energy Monitoring – Savant
  • Security System Integration – Savant via GE | DSC
  • Whole House Intercom – Savant | Siedle
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Automation – Savant via Lutron | Aprilaire
  • Pool Control – Savant via Jandy | Pentair
  • Surveillance – Vivotek IP
  • Gate control – Savant | Siedle
  • Wired & Wireless Networking – Apple | Netgear ProSafe
  • iTunes Media Server setup – Apple | Savant
  • Prewiring and infrastructure

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