Automation Products

AV Automation has chosen Savants control systems as their main automation line to help jump start this year for many reasons in fact . We have chosen them after many taste testing of equipment for reliability , ease of use and customer service response over the last year. Our staff is constantly training and learning as this product is evolving , they are constantly  trained for programing assistance and work in the field daily tuning and developing projects that we can implement into your home today. We pride ourselves in staying in-touch with our clients to make the AV Automation products work their best day in and day out. As Apple and their partners develop the hand held world we work in, AV Automation will strive to deliver the latest products that enhance the control experience that we all enjoy. Here are some of the reasons we picked Savant and Apple to work with.

Savant AV A short history on Apple and Savant working together to make one great automation company.

The world’s only Apple®-based home control, automation, and media system, Savant was the first company to introduce a native iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® application delivering complete control and automation. Savant also pioneered On-TV Menu control with TrueCommand™— transforming any HD display into a “control portal”  delivering user interaction previously available only through dedicated touch panel devices.

In addition to the numerous innovative automation and multi-zone audio/video products, Savant provides an open-programmable, intelligent control and a media management software solution called RacePoint Blueprint™ that configures and controls any media component or sub–system without writing a single line of code.