At CEDIA Expo 2013 Savant revealed their new automation system nicknamed “Big Boy Automation” that was scheduled to become available in Q1 of 2014. Yesterday, Savant announced that the “big Boy Automation” system, now known as the “Smart Series” is available to purchase.

The Smart Series is a line of control and automation products designed to bring the Savant home automation experience into almost any home. The starter-package allows people to automate their living environment for a lot less. The new product revolves around a Linux-based home server that acts as a control for lights, sound system and whatever else you want as part of your Savant system.

This starter package includes a Smart Host which features the full Savant software and does not require a Mac Mini on the network (although one can be added to enhance the system), a Host Controller and the new Wi-Fi universal remote.

With the Smart Series, adding a home automation system  is extremely simple and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You can get a complete package starting at $1,599 MSRP. Deployed over multiple rooms within the home, that brings the cost of a Savant solution as low as $1K per room. This is an astounding price point for an entry system that gives you the ability to easily add additional features a little at a time. A kit that includes one Wi-Fi dimmer/keypad one Wi-Fi thermostat and user license (both iOS and Android) will retail for $1,499. A security-centric package is also on the way.